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Robbie Brydon for Trustee

Walking to School

As a Trustee, Robbie will bring a focus on evidence-based solutions, a commitment to helping students who are being left behind, and a collaborative approach to decision-making.

Portrait of Robbie Brydon

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My work has always been centred around making an impact on my community. I want to make sure our public schools are places where all kids have the resources they need to grow and thrive.”

-Robbie Brydon


Why Robbie…

  • Resident of the Wards he wants to represent
  • Father of two young children, one HDSB student and one soon to be
  • Committed to strong public schools where all kids have the resources to thrive
  • Masters degree in Economics
  • Dedicated to supporting youth leadership and listening to students’ voices
  • Experience in policy governance and collaborative approaches to decision-making
  • Economic and social policy researcher focused on evidence-based solutions
  • Fluent in French and a strong supporter of opportunities for bilingualism
  • Fiscal competence: Experience overseeing organizational budgets

"I'm very pleased to recommend Robbie Brydon for HDSB trustee to serve the Wards 1 and 2 communities. Robbie's dedication to youth and his compassion for Halton students and their families will serve our local community well. Robbie's commitment to fiscal responsibility and good governance will make him an excellent addition to the school board table."

Leah Reynolds
Former HDSB Trustee, Wards 1 & 2

"I'm endorsing Robbie Bryson for School Board Trustee for Wards 1&2. I don't usually do this, but as a mom of an HDSB student in Wards 1&2, I want someone who is going to work to build a safe and inclusive environment for our students to learn. Someone who lives in our community, and whose prime focus is the success of our students. School board trustees play a vital role in building welcoming schools where our students can thrive. Voting is easy! You can do it online or in person. Join me in supporting Robbie for school board trustee and ensuring Halton continues to be a leader in educational excellence."

Karina Gould
Member of Parliament for Burlington

“I am impressed with Robbie’s thoroughness in researching the trustee position. He does not make assumptions, is committed to equity, student achievement and well-being, and has a strong educational, fiscal, and policy background. As an HDSB parent with young children living in Ward 2, I believe he will be an excellent representative for the community at the board table.”

Andréa Grebenc,
Former HDSB Chair and Trustee

"Robbie cares deeply about education, equity and setting kids up for success. His dedication and skill set will make him a very effective Trustee."

Erin Pepler
HDSB parent and former School Council Chair



Robbie has a Masters degree in Economics and is a researcher in economic and social policy at McMaster University. He brings an evidence-based approach to finding solutions.

Dedication to Children and Youth

Ran after-school programs, coordinated regional and national youth leadership conferences, and mentored youth in “coming of age” programs.

Board Experience

Board member in a similarly structured board as the HDSB, where members set policy goals and oversee budgetary allocations to support those goals, but staff are responsible for operations.

Leadership with Government

Coordinated the evaluation of the Ontario Basic Income Pilot, working with a large team to plan and execute the evaluation, in coordination with the provincial government.

Results Oriented

Led a major fundraising campaign for his congregation and raised more than $1 million to support accessibility, environmental, and functional renovations.

Commitment to Collaboration

Currently leading a review of a national organization’s decision-making processes, focused on making them collaborative and inclusive.

Family picture
Robbie Brydon for HDSB Trustee